Ukraine received 12 M113 armored personnel carriers and ammunition from Lithuania

Lithuania continues to provide military aid to Ukraine. The Defense Minister of Lithuania Arvydas Anusauskas noted on November 14, 2022, on Twitter that Ukraine received a new batch of military aid from Lithuania, in particular, armored personnel carriers and ammunition.

Source: The Defense Minister of Lithuania Arvydas Anusauskas

“More military support from Lithuania has reached its destination – Ukraine. 12 units of M113 (10 units of 120 mm self-propelled mortars and 2 units of fire control tanks) and ammunition. Lithuania fulfills its obligations and now 62 M113 of different purposes have been sent to Ukraine,” emphasized the Defense Minister of Lithuania.

Earlier, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said that the country would donate winter uniforms for the Armed Force of Ukraine worth about two million euros, which would be enough for 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

In addition, the Lithuanian people raised $250,000 for a drone for the future Ukrainian fleet of naval drones.

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