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Ukraine ready to provide Donbas status of special economic zone – Poroshenko

Ukraine is ready to provide Donbas with the status of a special economic zone with its own regime of relations with the EU and Russia.
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said this in an interview with France 24 television channel.
“Donbas should hold local elections in accordance with the Ukrainian law to achieve the special economic status,” he said.
Poroshenko also said that the region already has a special status of local government.
He said that the conflict in Donbas costs Ukraine more than $10 million a day, and it imposes “great pressure” on the economy.
“No country in the world can ensure economic growth in the context of such a difficult war,” Poroshenko said.
According to him, the opposition in the east of Ukraine is “not a conflict between Donbas locals and the rest of Ukraine, but the aggression brought to us from the outside.”
However, the president believes that the conflict can be resolved in two weeks if the Minsk agreements are implemented.

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