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Ukraine Paralympic athletes win record high number of medals in team history

Ukrainian athletes have won 117 medals, including 41 gold ones, at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which ended on September 18, showing the best results in the Paralympic team`s history.

Ukraine can also boast 37 silver medals and 39 bronze ones in 2016, according to the final medal count, available on the official website rio2016.com.

Ukraine ranks third after Great Britain with 147 medals, including 64 gold ones, and China with 237 medals, including 105 gold ones.

The previous Ukrainian record was set at the London Paralympics in 2012, when Ukraine bagged 84 medals, including 32 gold ones.

On Saturday, September 17, alone, Ukraine won 11 medals: three gold medals, four silver and four bronze ones.

The gold trophy belongs to swimmers Yelyzaveta Mereshko, Maksym Veraksa, and Anna Stetsenko.


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