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Ukraine OSINT experts present at NATO PA evidence of Russia`s military involvement in Donbas conflict

Ukrainian parliamentary delegation on Saturday, November 19, presented two InformNapalm`s videos with the evidence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine before members of NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey.

InformNapam volunteer intelligence community has been gathering evidence of Russian aggression in Ukraine for over two years, the organization`s website reports.

Proving the participation of Russian professional military in the war in Donbas is the most important part of their work, the experts say. While Russian soldiers have been cautious and carefully cover up their combat involvement, they still leave traces, according to InformNapalm statement.

The analysts sift through different sources – websites, videos, social media posts – to find these traces and present investigations to public.

”So far we have identified servicemen from 75 Russian military units sent to Ukraine on the orders of their command,” the report says.

Lawmakers from NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted reports urging NATO member-states ”to stand firm in supporting Ukraine and maintain a strong stance against Russian belligerence”.


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