Ukraine is getting more and more modern weapons, – head of NATO Military Committee

The Head of the Military Committee of NATO noted on September 17, 2022, during the press conference in Tallinn that the members of the meeting discussed the issue of supporting Ukraine, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the defense of NATO’s eastern flank.

Source: Rob Bauer, the Head of the Military Committee of NATO

“We discussed the most extensive restructuring of our military structures since 1949. Planning for this began several years ago and now we are putting these plans into practice.”

The Head of the Military Committee of the NATO also stated that Ukraine received more modern weapons from NATO member countries.

“The Alliance as a whole agreed to provide non-lethal assistance to Ukraine, but NATO countries independently provide Ukraine with military assistance, including the supply of weapons. Thus, over time, more and more new weapons get into Ukraine.”

In addition, Finland and Sweden were invited to the conference for the first time, although they are not members of the alliance, “but are on the way to membership in NATO.”

Uaposition memo: The conference of the committee, which includes the commanders of the armed forces of all the countries of the alliance, is held under the chairmanship of Rob Bauer in Tallinn, on September 16-18.

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