Ukraine has not lost a single HIMARS system, every missile hits the target, – Ukrainian Major General

Major General Andrii Kovalchuk, commanding officer of the Operational Command “South” told Tablet in an interview on August 1 that Ukraine refuted Russia’s claims about the defeating of Ukrainian HIMARS MLRS and stated that Ukraine did not lose any such system. On the contrary, every missile hits the target.

Source: Commanding officer of the Operational Command “South” Major General Andrii Kovalchuk

“We have had no losses at all yet of any of the HIMARS systems. Which demonstrates how good we have quickly gotten at utilizing them. Even the Americans have been surprised at how effectively we have utilized the systems. Because every rocket hits its target. Every rocket destroys a bridge or an ammunition depot. Our allies have also seen tremendous cost-effectiveness in the manner in which we use the missiles. Every fired missile destroys many times its value in Russian equipment or ammunition.”

Ukraine now needs heavy weaponry more than anything else, the commander underscored.

“We have half a million men already mobilized and we can mobilize another half million if that is necessary. What we need now to continue the operation is more heavy weaponry,” he explained.

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