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Ukraine has launched criminal proceedings against Booking.com over Crimea

The Prosecutors Office of Ukraine has launched criminal proceedings against Booking.com ”for selling stolen property”. Access to the website can be blocked on the territory of Ukraine, according to Member of Parliament Hryhoriy Lohvynskiy.

”Dutch-based Booking.com, selling accommodation for 1.2 million nights daily, in violation of national and international law, and sanctions imposed, not only contributes to the illegal entry into the occupied territory, cooperates actively with the gang of impostor authorities, but also openly advertises, makes deals, and sells accommodation in health resorts and hotels of Crimea, stolen from Ukraine. Insolence brings the company to even selling tours to resorts seized from the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration; that is, in fact, stealing money from the Ukrainian authorities. Accordingly, [the company] is an accomplice of a crime under articles  332-1, 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” said Lohvynsky.

The MP stands for restricting access to the company website and reimbursement to Ukraine of all funds illegally derived.

Lohvynskiy also hopes that the Dutch law enforcers will also ”bring to responsibility the violator of national and international law”.

Earlier it was reported that the EU leaders agreed on the requirements of the Netherlands regarding the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. In particular, the requirements stipulate that Ukraine shall not automatically be granted EU membership, no military cooperation is provided, while another demand says that the Ukrainians shall not be able to be easily and quickly employed in the EU. 

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