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Ukraine has full missile production cycle – NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov

Ukraine`s missile program today boasts a complete production cycle, NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov has said an interview with Sonia Koshkina, LB.ua reports.

”Today we have started to produce Ukrainian missiles, with all of its components also being manufactured in Ukraine. Not many countries have this full production cycle! Recent tests have shown not only the high quality of our missiles but also that they are better than those produced in Russia. This is important. Missile production is not only about designing the body, the warhead, the launcher, and the control system. It is also about solid propellant. It is produced by just a few countries,” said Turchynov, according to the report by LB.ua.

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At the same time, for security reasons, the NSDC secretary did not elaborate on where exactly and for how long rocket fuel has been produced in Ukraine.

”Our missile program includes a complete production cycle. This is some tremendous work done by our scientists, designers, and engineers. Today we are restoring Ukraine`s earlier lost positions of a state in possession of advanced missile technology,” said Turchynov, adding that by that he also means peaceful technology.

”We need to defend ourselves. If we cannot do it in terms of quantity, then we should do it in terms of quality. Our weapons must outperform that which is used by the enemy to threaten us. And we are still to create a lot more in this regard. We have been deprived of a powerful nuclear potential – the world`s third strongest (!) – in exchange for bogus security guarantees, which no one has confirmed. We have no other choice but to defend ourselves. But without modern, new, high-quality weapons, it is almost impossible,” the NSDC secretary said.

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