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Ukraine Financial Monitoring Service seizes UAH 429 mln on suspicion of financing terrorism

The State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine has handed over to the Security Service and the Prosecutor General`s Office 20 case files on financial transactions that are believed to be related to financing terrorism (separatism), amounting to UAH 300 million, in the first eight months of 2016.

Funds totalling US$9.7 million, RUB 1 million and UAH 173.1 million have been identified and seized in the reported period.

The total amount of funds seized in the hryvnia equivalent is UAH 429.08 million.

As part of activity aimed at identifying officials of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People`s Republics, the SPFU has updated the list of such officials and identified accounts held in Ukrainian banking institutions by new individuals on the list.

As reported by UNIAN earlier, in the framework of joint activity with the Security Service on identifying financial transactions that may be related to financing terrorists (separatism), the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, in May 2015, discovered and seized UAH 28.540 million held in accounts of 13 officials of the so-called DPR and LPR.


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