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Ukraine buys Russian buses worth UAH 78 million

The buses that Ukraine has bought have been marked as ”domestically produced,” according to Ukrainian news broadcaster TSN.

The report says the buses are produced in Russia and imported from the aggressor country. They are later re-equipped in Ukraine into school buses.

Volunteers, who have been investigating shady dealings, have reported about 65 buses that were purchased worth a total of UAH 78 million.

Ukraine`s Ministry of Education, which was addressed by TSN to provide comments, had stated that the Ukrainian legislation did not impose any restrictions on purchases of Russian-produced transport vehicles for the needs of Ukrainian schools.

However, the activists have already appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council demanding to put an end to those operations. After all, Pavlov Autobus Plant (PAZ), the leading manufacturer of buses in Russia, belongs to a large holding that also produces military equipment for the Russian army, the report noted.

”It is a rather banal but immoral situation currently. Our people are being killed in eastern Ukraine by Russia`s weapons, while the state is buying goods of the Russian origin,” lawyer Mykhailo Barsky said.


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