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Ukraine budget-2017: healthcare costs increased by 6%, medication purchase – by 50%

The draft state budget for 2017 has increased health care costs by UAH 3.4 billion, or 6%, the press service of the Ministry of Health told a UNIAN correspondent.

Ministry officials, along with the parliamentary committees and factions are working on a project`s main estimates regarding healthcare system financing.

The Health Ministry said that the proposed share of healthcare financing in total state budget expenditures was 7.7%. The draft state budget for next year proposes to increase the amount of medical subventions for regions by UAH 2.4 billion, or 5.3%.

It is emphasized that the amount of medical subventions was determined without taking into account utility costs of medical institutions. It is assumed that the bills will be paid at the expense of revenues of local budgets. On the one hand, the involvement of local budgets for co-financing healthcare is a possibility to increase the wage fund, to expand the purchase of medicines, and improve nutrition in hospitals.

At the same time, the ministry stressed that this approach is considered risky, since the financial capabilities of communities vary greatly. The growth of the financial resources of local budgets as a result of a successful fiscal decentralization in 2015 is concentrated mainly in thebig cities as well as regions that have better access to transport and economic infrastructure. For many communities (mainly, in isolated rural areas), the allocation of funds for payment of utility services for healthcare facilities can be a burdening challenge.

”To prevent a crisis, the draft budget provides for the allocation of UAH 15 billion in stabilization subsidies to the communities next year in order to smooth out imbalances in their fiscal capacity,” the ministry emphasized.

According to the draft state budget for 2017, the expenses on purchase of medication are increased by UAH 2 billion, or 50.6%.

It is noted that the greatest growth in spending is planned for procurement of drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis – by 2.4 times, or 141%, and drugs for HIV/AIDS patients (growth by 2.3 times, or 133%).

Additionally, costs for the purchase of medicines for pediatric oncology are increased by more than one and a half times (58%).

The Health Ministry said that the increase in expenditure is also expected in the share in total budget expenditures (from 0.6% to 0.8%) and compared to GDP (from 0.18% to 0.23%). However, the Ministry of Health insists to find a more stable and efficient solution for the financing of healthcare services at the same level for all communities in the medium term – since the protection of public health is a function where the central government remains fully responsible for ensuring equal access of every citizen to the guaranteed level of care.


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