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UK sees the Budapest Memorandum as not legally binding document because Russia turned it into a worthless piece of paper – Ukrainian Ambassador in London

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United Kingdom Natalia Galibarenko, spoke if London is going to implement the Budapest Memorandum in her interview with LB.ua

Ukrainian Ambassador in London assured that during her contacts with British partners she informed them of the fact that the Ukrainian society was frustrated by the unjustified political guarantees that the Budapest Memorandum provided.

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Natalia Galibarenko added that due to the lack of security guarantees Ukraine was left face to face with the aggressor.

“London sees the Budapest Memorandum as a political, not legally binding document,” said Ukrainian Ambassador in London.

The official states, that the main problem is that Russia disregards this proposal and since the Russian Federation, a signatory state of this document, violated its provisions, the memorandum turned into a worthless piece of paper.

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Actually, the diplomat also stated that Brexit (The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union) influences the UK policy towards Ukraine:

“I will not hide the fact that some issues of bilateral agenda are under the influence of Brexit. First of all, we are talking about our numerous proposals on liberalisation of visa regime for the citizens of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the UK government is not ready to meet those proposals due to its plans to tighten control over labour migration,” stated Natalia Galibarenko.

“Today we are witnessing that in a public domain the Syrian issue has come to the fore sidelining the “Ukrainian dossier”. It has objective reasons. Though on my part I am trying to remind the government, parliament and the media that the war in eastern Ukraine is far from an end and that the Russian troops have not disappeared,” underlined Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United Kingdom

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