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UK referendum: 51% back Remain campaign

Time may be running out for the Leave camp to make the case for Brexit as the Remain campaign`s position is consolidating and the electorate becoming more polarized over Britain`s membership of the European Union, The Daily Telegraph has reported.
With just over a month to go, the sharp end approaches and greater cut-through is needed, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.
This week`s ORB poll reveals an increase in public support for Remain countered by an almost proportional fall in support for Leave.
Among all respondents, 55% now say they support Remain – an increase of 4 points since the previous ORB poll in April – and 40% back Leave – a 3-point decrease.
However, the slightly better news for Leave is this underlying figure does not paint the whole picture. As identified from previous ORB polls, turnout continues to be a major issue for the Remain campaign.
More than half (56%) of all respondents say they will definitely vote come referendum day, including 53% of Remain voters and 62% of Leave voters.
Considering only those who say they will definitely vote, Remain`s vote share holds steady from last month at 51% while Leave dips by a single point to 45% (well within margin of error).


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