UDAR, Svoboda not ready to support government amendments to budget

The UDAR and Svoboda factions are not fully ready to support amendments to the state budget, proposed by the government and will insist on their amendments.
A Ukrinform correspondent reports.
In particular, the Svoboda faction is not satisfied with the abolishment of benefits for agricultural producers and a two months’ reduction of payments for state servants.
“The Svoboda Faction is not ready to support the government draft law on amendments to the state budget. In the government’s wording, amendments are offered on the VAT for the agroindustrial complex. Actually, we transfer to the general taxation system of agricultural products. This sector brings profits even under the crisis conditions. Therefore, this should not be done. Plus – why we send teachers and doctors to a two-month vacation, and we do not send judges and prosecutors. Therefore, we will argue and insist on amendments,” Svoboda faction MP Oleksandr Myrny told a Ukrinform correspondent.
The UDAR also does not support reduction of funding for budget workers. “Now, I cannot say that we fully support amendments to the budget. There is a list of issues, which should be corrected in order that the faction voted. How it is to take away money from budget sphere workers – doctors, teachers, to allow sacking them for no reason. This should not be done, therefore the faction has its amendments,” UDAR MP Valeriy Karpuntsov said.
24.07.2014 12:19

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