U.S. senators to White House: Give Ukraine the weapons

The White House should make a positive decision on providing Ukraine with lethal weapons to defend its territorial integrity.
U.S. Senators Carl Levin and James Inhofe said this in their latest article published in the Washington Post newspaper, Ukrinform reported.
“The United States should begin providing defensive weapons that would help Ukraine defend its territory. Such weapons could include anti-tank weapons to defend against Russian-provided armored personnel carriers, ammunition, vehicles and secure communications equipment,” reads the article.
The senators said that this would present no threat to Russia unless its forces launch further aggression against Ukraine. “In other words, these weapons are lethal but not provocative because they are defensive,” the legislators said.
In their opinion, this support would help promote the solution the United States and Ukraine seek, regarding a durable ceasefire leading to a longer-term solution that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty, its future and its freedom to determine its own democratic path, including through parliamentary elections later this month.
At the same time, they said that additional weaponry should be only one part of the U.S. strategy, combined with support for Ukraine’s efforts to reform its political and economic institutions and reduce its energy dependence, continued diplomacy and relentless pressure on the Russian economy.
“But that strategy should include the weapons to help Ukraine’s troops defend their nation,” reads the article.
Carl Levin, a Democrat, represents Michigan in the Senate, where he is chairman of the Armed Services Committee. James Inhofe, a Republican, represents Oklahoma in the Senate and is the ranking minority member on the committee.

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