U.S. officials warn of Russian mischief in election and beyond – WP

U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia is incapable of using cyberespionage to alter the outcome of Tuesday`s presidential election, but they have warned that Moscow may continue meddling after the voting has ended to sow doubts about the legitimacy of the result, U.S. officials said, according to The Washington Post.

The assessment reflects widespread concern among U.S. spy agencies that Russia will continue to rattle the mechanisms of American democracy even after polls close, extending and amplifying the political turbulence, WP reports.

U.S. security officials have not ruled out Russian-sponsored disruption on Election Day. Still, the decentralized nature of U.S. polling would make it extraordinarily difficult to subvert a nationwide race.

Instead, U.S. officials said it is more likely that Russia would use hacking tools to expose or fabricate signs of vote-rigging, aiming to delegitimize an election outcome that Republican candidate Donald Trump has said he may refuse to accept if he does not win.

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