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Twitter banned hundreds of Ukrainian users because of fake reports made by Russian bots

On December 29, 2015, Twitter began mass block of its users with active pro Ukrainian position who have thousands of followers. The reason was the mass appeals of Russian bots that used the changes to the rules of Twitter.

For several days it was blocked several hundreds of Ukrainian accounts in this social network. Among them, many popular with tens and even hundreds of thousands of followers.

There is infographic with the list of members blocked during the first days of January 2016:

On January 8, 2016, Ambassador of Ukraine to Finland Andrii Olefirov started a campaign on Twitter #SaveUkrTwi #saveUAtwi #JeSuisUkrTwi


Currently Twitter continues to block Ukrainian users …

Note: This is not the first scandal when Russian bots abuse rules of social networks. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered round of questions on May 14, 2015. Ukrainian question about Russian bots and mass blocking was first on the agenda, and according moderators it was the most popular question in the history of Q & A sessions.


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  1. Is Twitter becoming Facebook? ugh

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