Turchynov’s only son gets draft notice

The son of Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov, Kyrylo, received a draft notice and has already visited a military enlistment office, Turchynov’s wife Hanna told the Vesti newspaper.
“He was there [at the military enlistment office – ed.], he answered all the questions that they were interested in. If necessary [to serve – ed.], so it is necessary. The Ukrainian territory is being seized, and there is nothing to choose. It’s Motherland – someone has to defend it” she said.
Hanna Turchynova also said that so far the guy is at home.
21-year-old Kyrylo Turchynov did not serve. After school he entered Kyiv National Trade and Economic University, and then transferred to the fourth year at the Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism.
“Kyrylo has recently completed a master’s degree, passed his degree work defence, and now he could be called up,” the guy’s mother explains.
A reminder that Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov signed the Law “On the partial mobilization.” According to the document, subject to the call-up are officers, reserve sergeants and privates who have experience of military service and have the specialties needed in the ATO area, as well as volunteers with no military experience.

24.07.2014 11:41

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