The US Department of Justice will provide Ukraine with a prosecutor to advise on anti-corruption issues

The US Department of Justice will provide additional personnel to Ukraine to expand its efforts to combat Russian illicit finance and sanctions evasion.

Source: The US Department of Justice

“Among other things, the Department will provide Ukraine an expert Justice Department prosecutor to advise on fighting kleptocracy, corruption, and money laundering.”

It is noted that the US Department of Justice will use every opportunity to bring to justice those who commit war and other crimes in Ukraine.

“In addition, it plans to deploy two expert attorneys from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) – one to a U.S. Embassy in Europe, and another to a U.S. Embassy in the Middle East – in support of the Department’s KleptoCapture Task Force. These senior attorneys will work closely with their counterparts in EU member states and Middle Eastern countries to facilitate mutual legal assistance and extraditions relating to Russian illicit finance and sanctions evasion, including with respect to designated Russian oligarchs who have supported the Russian regime and its efforts to undermine Ukrainian sovereignty.”

It is noted that since then, the task force has facilitated the seizure of superyachts of two sanctioned individuals with close ties to the Russian regime; dismantled Russian criminal networks, and enforced sanctions violations, among other actions.

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