The United States has accused China of supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine

China continues to side with Russia, which has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, despite Beijing’s statement of intent to remain neutral in this situation.

Source: Spokesperson at the U.S. Department of State Ned Price

During another briefing, Price said that the words of Chinese leaders about neutrality in Ukraine’s war against Russia were “empty statements.” According to him, China’s actions show that the local government is completely on the side of the Putin regime.

“China claims to be neutral, but its behavior makes clear that it is still investing in close ties to Russia. China is still standing by Russia. It is still echoing Russian propaganda around the world. It is still shielding Russia in international organizations. And it is still denying Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine by suggesting instead that they were staged.”

“Nations that side with Vladimir Putin will inevitably find themselves on the wrong side of history. This is not a moment for equivocation or hiding or waiting to see what happens next. It is already clear what is happening,” he concluded.

The statement came hours after President Xi Jinping assured Putin of Beijing’s support for Moscow’s “sovereignty and security” during a call between the two leaders on June 15.

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