The Ukrainian troops repelled four Russian attacks in the east of Ukraine

The Russians are trying to create favourable conditions for the attack on the cities of the Donetsk region, but Ukrainian defenders repelled four more attacks by Russian invaders in the east of the country on August 5.

Source: The head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhii Haidai

The Russians are using all available weapons to dislodge units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces from occupied positions. The enemy is shelling populated areas and fortifications of our military, trying to get closer to Bakhmut.

“Enemy aircraft operate several times a day in these areas. Yesterday it carried out four airstrikes. Three more times, the Russians carried out artillery attacks, used rocket artillery, and twice the assaults were supported by tank attacks. Six more mortar attacks were carried out.”

The occupiers are trying to create favourable conditions for an attack on the cities of the Donetsk region, they carried out offensive and assault actions to improve the tactical position, but they were unsuccessful.

Four Russian attacks ended in their retreat to their previous positions.

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