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How the U.S. President Barack Obama plans to pressure on Russia and support Ukraine

President Barack Obama in his interview with the CNN channel talked about the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

The year after Crimea annexation passed and despite all of economical sanctions from the USA to Russia the conflict in the East Ukraine became only worth. The US President criticized the Russia President’s actions but on the question about the support to Ukraine he said:

“To those who would suggest that we need to do more, you know, what I’ve said to them is that we can exact higher and higher costs, and that’s exactly what we’re doing, and we can bring diplomatic pressure to bear.”

As The Ukraine is not the member of NATO the USA can provide only economical pressure on Russia.

“What we are doing is reinforcing those border states who are members of NATO, and making very clear that that line is one that cannot be crossed because we would have to take military action to protect our allies”, said Barack Obama

The U.S President didn’t show optimism in Russia policy and the ways of its change according to Ukraine and assured that the USA would continue to support the Ukrainian economy and the reform efforts.

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