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Terrorist from Donbas attacks Turchynov`s wife in Kyiv in attempt to stab

A man who has arrived in Kyiv from occupied territory in Donbas has attempted to stab Hanna Turchynova, the wife of Ukraine`s National Security and Defense Council chief Oleksandr Turchynov while she was at work, according to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.
”There was an armed attack on Turchynov`s wife a few hours ago. The offender attacked Hanna Turchynova right at the Institute where she works. He attacked with a knife in his hand, yelling: `It`s time to pay back,`” Avakov said.
”[We] paid back. Neutralized and detained [him]. The national police responded quickly. An investigation is under way, the terrorist is being interrogated now,” the minister added.
According to Avakov, the assailant is a resident from Donetsk region who came from the occupied territory with the aim to attack the Turchynovs.
Kyiv`s police confirmed there were no casualties during the attack and the woman was safe and sound.


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