Svoboda demands to publish in mass media who and how voted for anticorruption laws

Head of the parliamentary faction Svoboda Oleh Tiahnybok demands to publish in mass media today’s roll-call vote of people’s deputies for anticorruption laws.
He said this from the Verkhovna Rada rostrum, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“If during consideration of the very important issue concerning the anticorruption laws the MP will go somewhere, we will not have a quorum, just because of this… I demand on behalf of the faction that today all votes by names were published in mass media so that electors know who and how wants to fight against corruption,” Tiahnybok said.
He called on all deputies, in view of the fact that only 232 deputies were registered in the hall, to be attentive, not to be engaged in personal affairs, but to vote for very important laws.

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