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Steinmeier declares European security threat, given Russia`s aggression

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees Europe`s security at risk – especially with regard to Russian aggression. Together with other OSCE foreign ministers, he is pressing for more arms control, Radio 24 reported with reference to Die Welt.

”Europe`s security is in danger,” Steinmeier said.

With the internationally wrongful annexation of Crimea by Russia and the unresolved conflict in eastern Ukraine, ”the question of war and peace returned back to our continent” as confidence was destroyed and a threat emerged of a new arms proliferation spiral, according to Radio 24.

He ”campaigned with many other European foreign ministers to re-launch arms control,” Steinmeier told Die Welt. Such armaments control is a ”tried and tested tool for transparency, risk avoidance and confidence building”.

”We call upon all states that are responsible for the security of Europe to support this initiative and to join the dialogue on arms control,” Steinmeier said.

Earlier, POLITICO reported that the European Commission was the victim of a ”large scale” cyberattack Thursday.

”The attack has so far been successfully stopped with no interruption of service, although connection speeds have been affected for a time. No data breach has occurred,” the spokesperson said.

A staff email from the Commission`s IT services, which hit inboxes at around 6 p.m. and POLITICO has obtained, said: ”This afternoon, the European Commission was subject to a cyberattack (denial of service) which resulted in the saturation of our Internet connection.”

According to a commission staffer, ”no one could work this afternoon, since the internet was gone twice, for several hours.”


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