Soldiers of 72nd Brigade refuse to go to Chernihiv

Soldiers of the 72nd Brigade, who under shelling crossed the Russian border, were sent to a place of their permanent dislocation – to Bila Tserkva, following their return to Ukraine.
Hromadske TV informs.
“The command wanted to send soldiers to the military unit in Chernihiv. But during the change of the locomotive at one of technical stations in Kyiv the soldiers refused to go further and left the railway cars,” a statement reads.
Relatives of the military came to the place there the train stayed, as well as activists and officers of the Armed Forces. Then, a decision was taken about a change of the train route from Chernihiv to Bila Tserkva, where the further fate of the 72nd Brigade will be decided.
07.08.2014 11:17

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