Smeshko on situation in Donbas: Nobody tells Putin that Ukrainians are not Russians

An active phase of the Russian aggression has not occurred in Donbas, since Putin did not expect such a resistance from the Ukrainian people.
Former SBU Chairman Ihor Smeshko told in an interview to the Den publication.
“In my opinion, Russia did not impose its forces until now to Donetsk and Luhansk regions, because it did not expect such a resistance from the Ukrainian people at the lower level,” he said.
In the expert’s opinion, a so-called “royal court” has formed around Russian President Vladimir Putin, who report to their “autocrat” only what he wants to hear, and actually – untruth. “He was not told by anyone that the Ukrainian people are not the Russians. I think, finally, the entire world will start to realize that the word “Rus” and “Russian” are also two different contents and notions,” he noted.
Just due to this, in his opinion, an active phase of the aggression on the part of Russia, as imposing the forces in Donbas like in Crimea, did not take place so far.
“But Putin crossed the Rubicon – thanks to total propaganda, his support in Russia reaches more than 80%. It was not occasionally that he praised Goebbels even before the Jewish rabbi, because because he, perhaps, is really fond of this person and applies his methods in information processing primarily of his own people,” Smeshko said.
08.08.2014 18:12

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