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Shenderovich: Putin will continue to torment Ukraine, he has resources

Ukraine will have no peace while Vladimir Putin stays in power, Viktor Shenderovich, a Russian writer, said in an interview with UNIAN.

”Putin is a loser in peace time, who lost all that is possible, both in the economy and in foreign policy. In peace time, he is a ”lame duck,” with little legitimacy as a leader, who seized power, brought down the currency, brought the economy into stagnation, provoked leakage of Russian capital and brains… The only political chance for Putin is: ”Russia surrounded by enemies.” Therefore, the enemies are constantly reproduced, he cannot live without them,” Shenderovich said, adding that Putin needs to feed the population with this fear, ”to distract and maintain tension: It`s a war, my comrades – no talking about the economy now!”

According to the journalist, it is difficult to say what can come into Putin`s mind and what will be the size of his new provocations. But it is clear that he will not stop, and intends to maintain the tension in Ukraine. ”There is also a PR moment here. Russia is not able to make itself a prosperous country, the economic situation of Russians is getting worse, and in this situation, Putin needs a good diversion. Torn, impoverished and dependent Ukraine is an ideal diversion,” Shenderovich said.


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