SBU says Russia falsifies Boeing crash evidences

The so-called “Russian evidences” regarding the terrorist attack on the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 are a crude forgery, Ukrainian security service (SBU) official Vitaliy Naida told reporters on Wednesday.
“The Security Service of Ukraine received satellite imagery data, confirming the Russian Defence Ministry had fabricated materials concerning the crash of the Boeing 777 (MH17), which were released on July 21, 2014 during a briefing of the General Staff of the Russian Federation,” he said.
According to Naida, a comparative analysis of the “Russian satellite imagery data” is based on digital satellite data.
“We can state that the so-called “Russian evidences” have numerous and frank signs of forgery and retouching, or the images were shot by Russian spy satellites at another time, long before the attack on the Boeing 777 MH17 flight,” the SBU official emphasized.
The materials released by the General Staff of the Russian Federation as a whole do not correspond to reality, and are aimed at shaping the incorrect version of alleged non-involvement of the Russian armed forces in the terrorist attack on the civilian plane using the Buk-M1 SAM system, the SBU said.

30.07.2014 17:12

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