SBU on DPR`s media accreditation leak: No sanctions against honest journalists

Yuriy Tandyt, an adviser to the chief of Ukraine`s SBU Security Service, says that representatives of the media who were accredited by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People`s Republic (DPR) and whose personal data was published will not be sanctioned if these are ”honest journalists who tell the truth,” according to Russian TV Channel Dozhd.
”That leak isn`t dangerous. I don`t think those [media] people face any threat, at least from the side of the Ukrainian authorities and law-enforcement agencies. We only need to help so that they could do their job more professionally,” he told Dozhd.
He assured that Ukraine would not use any sanctions against ”the honest journalists who tell the truth” after the leak of their personal information.
The Ukrainian authorities will check some journalists who were previously accredited by the DPR, he said.
According to him, journalists working on the other side of the contact line in Donbas are forced to undergo the self-proclaimed republics` accreditation procedure because Kyiv does not control territory in those areas.
However, he said, the authorities will deal with ”every single” journalist who ”violates laws, covering by their press cards and broadcasting propaganda.”

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