Savchenko could be released in late January – lawyer

After Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko gets the status of a PACE delegate, she will receive “diplomatic immunity,” and Russia will have no right to hold her in jail and prosecute her in a criminal case.
Her lawyer, Nikolai Polozov, said this at a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, an Ukrinform correspondent in Russia reports.
“During the opening of the [PACE] session, when Nadia Savchenko, along with all other delegates from all countries of the Council of Europe, participants of the Parliamentary Assembly, receives the official status of a delegate, the Russian Federation will have no right to hold and prosecute her in a criminal case due to the fact that she will get the current international legal status, which grants her diplomatic immunity under an international treaty,” Polozov said.
According to him, it will happen very soon – “at the end of January.” The lawyer said that after the Ukrainian pilot gets the delegate status at PACE, the Parliamentary Assembly would send a respective application to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which will submit this information to investigators and the investigators would have to issue a ruling closing the case against Savchenko.
“This does not mean that the case on the death of journalists will be closed, and it can be investigated further. But as for Nadia Savchenko, the Russian Federation will already have no right to hold her in prison,” Polozov said.

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