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Savchenko compares Putin to Hitler on BBC Newsnight

Ukrainian MP and PACE delegate, former Kremlin`s prisoner Nadia Savchenko in an interview with the BBC`s Newsnight compared the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin to those of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Answering a BBC Newsnight host`s question on how she thinks the rest of the world should view Vladimir Putin, Savchenko said: ”And how did the world view Hitler? I think the civilized world cannot view positively a person who has an appetite to seize the whole world.”

”This is not health behavior. It`s an illness,” she said. ”That`s why Putin is a sick person. He`s sick because of his egotism, his madness.”

Savchenko has added that when such people are in power, they ”do a lot of harm to the world`s harmony”.

”That`s why such people must be stopped, and as quickly as possible,” she said.

Asked whether she believes Crimea will ever be returned to Ukraine from under the Russian occupation, Nadia Savchenko said this could be achieved ”through economic force”.

”If sanctions are continued and an oil embargo is introduced, I think most Russian kleptocrats, oligarchs in power would tell Vova [Vladimir Putin] that his madness is too expensive for them,” said Savchenko.


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