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Sakvarelidze`s dismissal `clearing of comfortable field` for Shokin`s successor controlled by AP – expert

The dismissal of Deputy Prosecutor General Davit Sakvaralidze from the prosecution bodies is a clearing of ”comfortable field for the future Prosecutor General,” who will be controlled by the Administration of the President of Ukraine, head of the board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC), a Ukrainian civil society organization, Vitaliy Shabunin has told UNIAN.
”Viktor Shokin had to be dismissed six months ago. The fact that the Parliament dismissed him only after the consent of the President, not in its own right, indicates that MPs are completely missing their own position and vote only on the president`s orders,” he said.
The dismissal of Sakvarelidze, according to Shabunin, is ”clearing of comfortable field for the future Prosecutor General, controlled by the Administration of the President of Ukraine.”
According to Shabunin, candidates for the post of Prosecutor General are First Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Sevruk and Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Stoliarchuk.
”Realizing that Shokin will be dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada, Poroshenko dismissed Sakvarelidze on his behalf,” the expert suggested.


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