Russia’s proposal on ‘humanitarian mission’ is cynical – Foreign Ministry

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s proposal on the so-called international humanitarian mission in the Donbas is cynical only because it is Russia that continues to destabilize the situation in eastern Ukraine, supporting in every way possible the criminal acts of terrorists and bearing full responsibility for humanitarian problems in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said this in a statement released on Tuesday evening due to Russia’s initiative on the so-called international humanitarian mission.
According to the statement, apart from the conscious destruction of vital infrastructure in the region, residential houses, water and electricity supply systems, terrorists of the so-called DPR and LPR, including a significant number of Russian citizens, is attacking medical institutions and their staff, shelling hospitals, impeding the treatment of patients, and seizing ambulances.
The Human Rights Watch human rights organization in its report on August 5 condemned such crimes by pro-Russian militants, demanding that they immediately be stopped.
At the same time, the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces, releasing towns and villages in the Donbas from terrorists, are bringing back peace to citizens, ensuring a gradual restoration of infrastructure and a return to normal life.
An interagency coordinating headquarters, consisting of representatives of UN agencies and the International Committee of the Red Cross, has been operating in Ukraine since June. In close cooperation with them, the Ukrainian authorities are taking effective measures to ensure the priority humanitarian needs of civilians and internally displaced persons. Humanitarian corridors were set up for everyone wishing to leave the area of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine.
“Ukraine and the entire civilized world do not believe in the sincerity of Russia’s intentions. At a time when terrorists receive gain in arms, military equipment and mercenaries from Russian territory, international partners have responded to Ukraine’s call and are providing practical assistance in rebuilding infrastructure and resolving urgent humanitarian needs of civilians in the Donbas,” reads the statement.

06.08.2014 10:11

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