Russia’s offensive will slow down due to lack of resources, Ukrainians are able to counterattack – British Prime Minister

Britain’s military intelligence believes that Russia’s offensive in Ukraine will slow down in the next few months as its army depletes its resources.

Source: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Johnson said President Vladimir Putin’s forces were advancing in the Donbas, sowing destruction but at the cost of heavy losses of soldiers and weapons.

“However, our military intelligence service believes that in the next few months, Russia may reach a point where there will be no more progress because it will run out of resources,” Johnson said.

“Then we must help the Ukrainians to break the dynamics. I will argue this at the G7 summit (over the weekend in Germany). Since the Ukrainians are able to launch a counteroffensive, it must be supported by the weapons they require of us,” he added.

Asked what Ukraine’s victory or, Putin’s defeat would look like, Johnson said: “That we at least restore the status quo that existed before February 24, and that Russian troops be pushed out of the areas they invaded.”

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