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Russia`s ministries and central bank test readiness for wartime operation mode

The federal executive authorities and the defense industry enterprises will switch to a ”wartime” operation mode, according to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry`s Department of Information and Mass Communications, RIA Novosti reported.

”Structural units of the Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Industry and Trade Ministry, the Federal Agency for State Reserves, and the Bank of Russia will be engaged in the mobilization activities carried out within the framework of a sudden check of the Russian Federation Armed Forces,” the statement read.

It is reported that the executive bodies in the affected regions will coordinate the activities of all participants in the exercise.

Further, as part of the examination, the authorities will evaluate the conscription of civilians from the reserve, the supply of technology, and the formation of military units for territorial defense in the southern and central military districts and for the northern fleet. Field offices of the central bank will be engaged for the first time to ensure financial support for troops separated from the permanent dislocation areas, according to the report.

The Defense Ministry stated that a number of defense enterprises in the south of Russia would be inspected to determine their readiness to perform mobilization tasks related to the supply and repair of weapons and special equipment. A surprise combat-readiness check of the Russian Armed Forces began on August 25 and is due to finish on August 31. As part of the exercises, the southern district troops, part of the troops of the western and central districts, as well as the northern fleet, the Russian Aerospace Forces, and the high command of the Airborne Troops were put in full combat-readiness mode.


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