Russians began mass filtration of civilians in Melitopol in Ukraine’s south

The Mayor of the city stated on August 15, 2022, that in Melitopol (south of Ukraine), Russians began to capture everyone who had Ukrainian symbols.

Source: The Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov

According to the Mayor, after the service center where fake driver’s licenses and license plates were issued was blown up last week, the building opposite this center was completely surrounded and mass filtering began in all apartments.

A large number of armed Russian soldiers entered each apartment and conducted interrogations and searches. If they don’t like someone or find some Ukrainian symbols, they immediately take people captive.

“That is, if the family has a flag of Ukraine at home, then people will definitely be taken prisoner and interrogated for a few hours. Most of those who remain in the occupation cannot leave for obvious reasons – they have elderly or bedridden parents, or there are no relatives in other regions. Today they are hostages of Russian terrorists,” Fedorov emphasized.

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