Russian troops try to hold captured territories, but the Ukrainian army is advancing in east

British Ministry of Defence reported on September 23, 2022, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continued their counteroffensive in the east of the country. The situation at the front remains difficult, as Russian soldiers are trying to keep the previously captured territories.

Source: British Ministry of Defence

“In the last three days, Ukrainian forces have secured bridgeheads on the east bank of the Oskil River in Kharkiv Oblast. Russia has attempted to integrate the Oskil into a consolidated defensive line following its forces’ withdrawals earlier in the month.”

It should be noted that the fighting continues in the southern Donetsk region as Ukrainian troops storm the city of Lyman, east of the Siverskyi Donets River, which Russia captured in May.

“The battlefield situation remains complex, but Ukraine is now putting pressure on territory Russia considers essential to its war aims.”

Earlier it became known that as of September 23, the total combat losses among Russia’s army personnel amounted to about 56,060 people.

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