Russian troops encamped in Kursk region near border with Ukraine – NSDC

Units of the Russian army set a field camp near the Ukrainian border near the settlement of Kruglenkoe in Kursk region.
The spokesman for the information and analytical center of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Andriy Lysenko, said this at a briefing on Wednesday.
“It has been established that in the area of the village of Kruglenkoe – tract of Krucheniy Les in Kursk region there is a field camp of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with the units of the 32nd Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 24th Separate Brigade of the GRU special forces from Novosibirsk region, as well as the 56th Engineering Regiment of the Republic of Tatarstan,” he said.
Lysenko noted that Russia’s armed forces continue to build up its military presence near the Ukrainian border.

23.07.2014 14:30

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