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Russian T-90 tank shelled hospital in Donbas but OSCE didn’t want to record the attack

The T-90 main battle tank of the Russian Army shelled hospital in Avdiivka, Donbasб according to Holos Ukrayiny.

Ukraine’s MP Oksana Korchynska in the session hall of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) stated that at that moment the hospital provided medical help to wounded soldiers and civilians. She demonstrated one of the three pieces of the tank shell as evidence of the shelling at Ukrainian hospital by the Russian troops .

“The Russian troops used a Russian T-90 tank to shell our hospital in Avdiivka with the Russian projectiles. Three shells fell near our hospital, near the ground where all our doctors, both military and civilian were providing medical assistance to our wounded soldiers and local residents,” said the lawmaker.

Ukraine’s MP stated that the OSCE observers didn’t want to record those attacks.

“Three tank shells fell near the place where at that moment the military medics and civilians loaded our wounded people. One tank shell fell just on the way of our ambulance. Unfortunately, the OSCE refused to record all these three tank shells.”

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