Russian shelling destroyed almost UAH 400 million worth of fish in the Dnipro River: photo

The State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine noted that as a result of shelling by Russian troops of the coastal part of Kherson and the Dnipro water area around the city on January 2, 2023, fish died massively, and the damage is estimated at approximately UAH 390 million.

Source: The State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine

It is noted that the mass destruction of aquatic bioresources, namely silver carp, occurred on a section of the Dnipro River, which is a wintering pit for fish with a total area of 2.44 square kilometers.

Killed fish by Russian shelling in the Dnipro River

“Russian troops continue to destroy the life of Ukrainian vulnerable fauna everywhere. Large-scale stocking and measures to protect aquatic bioresources were destroyed in one moment by Russian shelling. However, the Russian Federation will not stop Ukrainians in their struggle for a free life in a peaceful country! We will win, we will preserve, we will restore,” said the acting head of the State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine Igor Klymeniuk.

In order to determine the scale of fish mortality, employees of the Kherson Fisheries Patrol calculated the losses caused to the fishery of Ukraine as a result of Russian shelling of the adjacent coastal territories of Kherson and the Dnipro River, which amounted to approximately UAH 390.4 million.

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