Russian payment systems seeking ways to bypass Ukraine sanctions

Russian payment systems are looking for a way to continue operating on the Ukrainian market after the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) on October 19 banned their activities for a year due to the sanctions imposed, according to Vedomosti.

In particular, the ban applies to six payment systems: Zolotaya Korona, Kolibri, Leader international money transfer system, Unistream, Anelik and Blizko.

Zolotaya Korona makes transfers in Ukraine through its partner IntelExpress. It is possible to get the transfer sent through Zolotaya Korona in six Ukrainian banks, among them one of the largest banks in the country – Oschadbank, the call center of Zolotaya Korona told the publication. According to the NBU, IntelExpress is registered in Georgia.

Read alsoUkraine bans operations of Russian payment systems in its territory Another Russian money transfer system – Contact, has been working through IntelExpress for almost one year. In the autumn of 2015, the Central Bank revoked the license of Bank RSB 24, which was the only Contact settlement bank registered on the territory of Ukraine. Due to the NBU requirements, the system could not register a new bank and began to work through IntelExpress.

The call centers of the other two systems, Kolibri and Leader, said that the transfers were impossible now, and their press services confirmed this. An employee of the Anelik call center said that the transfers in Ukraine were possible only for Visa cards, Unistream was working on the same principle, but only with Mastercard, in both cases, you can send money in cash, but the funds can be enrolled only to the card.

The call center of Blizko payment system said that the transfers were possible through the Russian Post Office ”Forsage” system.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on October 19, Kyiv authorities banned operations of Russia`s payment systems in the territory of Ukraine as part of its sanction policy against the Russian Federation.

The corresponding decree signed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko regarding the National Security and Defense Council`s decision dated September 16, 2016 ”On application of special personal economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)” was published on the website of the president.

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