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Russian opposition`s Navalny says will hold referendum on Crimea if elected president

Alexei Navalny claimed he intends to hold an ”honest referendum” in Crimea and to completely fulfil Minsk agreements if elected Russia`s president in 2018, the Ukraine Today reports citing RFE/RL.

”The first step we must take is fulfilling the Minsk agreement. Basically, Putin himself speaks endlessly about it, but virtually nothing is really being done. The Minsk agreements are signed by Russia and they must be fulfilled. It would be the first step to settlement with Ukraine,” Navalny said, according to Ukraine Today.

Having fulfilled the Minsk peace plan, Russia would eventually unblock lifting international sanctions that are throttling the country`s economy, he also claimed.

”As for the referendum, I  believe there must be an honest referendum, as the Crimeans must vote at it,” Navalny said. 

Russian opposition politician and a creator of the Foundation on Fighting Corruption announced he would run for president in 2018.


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