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Russian mercenaries brought to Donbas in humanitarian convoys – mass media

Russian mercenaries are sent to Donbas, including with humanitarian convoys.
Head of the Sverdlovsk veterans’ foundation of special purpose troops Vladimir Yefimov said in an interview with the Russian publication Yekaterinburg online.
“Starting with June, I sent six groups by 15-30 people to Donetsk and two groups by 30 persons to Luhansk… special and elite forces go to Donetsk. Cossacks and new entries without combat experience – to Luhansk,”Yefimov said.
He added that for first time mercenaries went to Donbas under the guise of the Red Cross. “They received from the local department the documents that we are the accompanying personnel. Upon arrival they stayed there. They were given weapons and combat missions were set to them,” Yefimov noted.
According to him, “now we load the fighters into a truck with the humanitarian aid for sending there. They go for a month on average. Some are going during their vacation, some, perhaps, to earn money.”

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