Russian ‘humanitarian aid’ escorted by 1,000 disguised military – SBU

The drivers of half-empty trucks carrying the so-called humanitarian aid from Russia and their assistants are disguised servicemen, Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Viktor Yahun has said, according to UNN.
“They have a special ministry on emergency situations that has white special machinery, white helicopters, airplanes, and vehicles. In this regard, there were many questions why it was necessary to take military trucks and paint them with the paint used for painting military vehicles in winter. If necessary, it can be easily washed away,” Yahun said.
He said that there were a lot of issues on the formation of this convoy. In particular, he said, Russia has a very powerful system for preparing and providing humanitarian assistance.
Moreover, he said, there is no representative of the Emergency Situations Ministry among the drivers of these trucks. All of them are disguised as servicemen.
“There are over 1,000 servicemen who led this column. Half-empty KamAZ trucks and over 1,000 people are entering [Ukraine],” he said.

16.08.2014 11:34

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