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Russian command actively prepares for invasion on the coast near Mariupol – Ukraine Intelligence

The russian soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Russian Occupation Army Corps are actively preparing for military action to further expand control over the territory of Ukraine, support their foremost troops ready for action and conduct battle training activities in the Russian Armed Forces system. The training activities focus on motorized rifle, tank and artillery units. Over 20 training events have already been conducted at the level of battalions. The final stage will be training at brigades’ level. In parallel, they continue receiving the ammunition, fuel and lubricants from Russia. This information was provided by Vadym Skybytskyi, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Chief Intelligence Department, at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

According to him, apart from Occupation Army Corps, they plan to create the Azov DNR “flotilla”, which will consist guard patrol boats 12200 Sobol Class and 12150 Mangust Class.

Moscow is preparing to transfer these boats from the Border Service of the FSB to DNR “flotilla” based in occupied Novoazovsk.

 “There is increasing threat that the Russian Black Sea Fleet may be used for amphibious landings on the Azov coast under the guise of the 1st Occupation Army Corps,” said Mr. Skybytskyi.  “There is also a possibility of creating the 3d Occupation Army Corps.”

The Russian military leadership decided to remove unreliable commanders of Russian separatists. The Russian military personnel will be appointed for their positions. Those who resist will be physically exterminated. Currently, Ukrainian military intelligence has information about Commander of the 1st Army Corps. He is a regular Russian officer, Major General Valery Asapov. His deputy on work with the regular personnel is Colonel Yevhen Cherkov.

Military intelligence has recorded 31 fact of holding Rrussian’ weapons in places where it had to be taken away. In addition, due to the lack of construction materials, Russian troops dismantle abandoned residential buildings.

1,700 people who received military training in the Rostov region, Russia, have arrived to Ukraine since the beginning of the year. The redeployment is carried out under the guise of local people in civilian clothes. After they come to the occupied territory, they dress in military uniforms and take up combat missions. Russian forces use at least 80 schools, kindergartens, hostels etc. for deployment.



  1. I will write a letter to Obama about this and ask him how he plans to respond.

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    • He will define a “red line” not to cross for Russia like he did for Syria…

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      • I wrote him the letter. I will share his response. Look into your crystal ball and tell us more.

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  2. The Americans are far too involved in their own elections to look beyond their borders. They won’t wake up until Mr (nothing to lose) Putin nukes them.

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    • Mainly because the mainstream media does not expose this for what it is, likely because of Obama’s stance on the issue. American Congress voted to send weapons to Ukraine, but the President has failed to act on it. There are a handful of Americans who watch this closely, such as myself, without relying on the media. For the most part however, you are correct. Obama thinks he can prevent a major war by turning a blind eye, but it’s actually the other way around. Putin will continue to talk all over him, until a real red line is crossed, at which time it can possibly go nuclear.

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      • It is extremely naive to believe that the US is not watching every move. Diplomacy is also extremely painful to watch, as it is does not take a path a mutual annihilation. Obama’s handling of this conflict has been masterful on so many levels.

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        • So that’s why so many brave Ukrainians have died with inadequate weapons systems. Putin laughs at Obama’s “watching” and he continues to act stealthily, illegally and just lies about everything. Of course America watches everything, but only act when it affects their own interests.

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    • Had Ukraine not gave up the nuclar weapons, everything woud be different. The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances was a wrong way.

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      • Completely right, but we cannot change what has happened in the past, we can only change the present and the future. Get Focussed and change the future for the sake of humanity.

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  3. Putin only needs the road near the coast, I don’t believe he would occupy all the land as on that map

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