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Moscow hosted a ”separatist conference”

It is the second year the convention of non-recognized republics takes place in the Russian capital, according to Ukraine Today.

Representatives of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people`s republics were not officially included in the ”separatist conference” participation list, however, some of them attended the event anyway, Ukraine Today reported.

This is the second time the conference takes place in Moscow. This year, dozens of separatist movements and non-recognized republics were invited to the event. In particular, Transnistria, separatists from the Spanish Catalonia, Northern Ireland and even from the United States. Though Donbas separatists were not officially invited, some of them attended the meeting, even being interviewed by Russian media.

The conference`s organizers say the leading topic is a right of nations to a peaceful self-determination.

Russian authorities financed the event spending RUB 3.5 million (around $55,000). Ironically, the Russian legislation considers separatism within the Russian borders a criminal offense.

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