Russia shelled occupied Donetsk in the east and blamed Ukraine: video 18+

The mayor of Russian-occupied Donetsk reported that an indoor market came under fire. According to the preliminary information, at least 6 people died, as a result of  Russian shelling. Russian authorities traditionally blamed Ukraine for the attack.

Source: The mayor of Russian-occupied Donetsk

“There are many victims, as a result of the shelling of an indoor market in the center of Donetsk.”

There is also information that one bus was destroyed. In addition, a missile “arrival” was recorded in the area of the city administration on Artema Street.

Later, the mayor of the Russian-occupied Donetsk stated that the number of dead during the shelling of an indoor market in Donetsk increased to 6, and 6 more people were injured.

As we can see, the Russians are using already familiar tactics of terror and intimidation before pseudo-referendums. It should be noted that this is not the first case when Russia blames Ukraine for its atrocities.

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