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Russia secretly formed a motor rifle division near the border with Ukraine – international inspection

The Russian Federation has violated the Vienna Document-2011 (VD-2011) on confidence-building measures and security by formation of a new motor rifle division near the border with Ukraine without the informing the OSCE about military actions, reports the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Head of the Public Relations Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Bohdan Senyk told that Russia violated commitments to openness and transparency in military activities, provided by the Vienna Document 2011 (VD-2011):

“The multinational inspection team has confirmed the non-compliance by the Russian Federation with the clauses of the Vienna Document in terms of the provision of information on military forces to all OSCE participating states,” the report states.

A multinational inspection team of Canada, Denmark and Ukraine on January 16-19, 2017, in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation confirmed that Russia has been forming 150 Motorized Rifle Division with over 10 thousand manpower in the immediate vicinity of the border with Ukraine since January 10, 2017, military station for this division is already 90% built .

The head of the Ukrainian part of the multinational inspection team, which conducted inspections I the Russian border regions, Oleksiy Vershyhora, said at a briefing that there is a movement of military equipment in the area bordering on Ukraine:

“Now, there is an active movement of military equipment, it is concentrated in the area bordering on Ukraine, they are actively developing infrastructure and military camps in the areas bordering on Ukraine in order to deploy units there,” said Oleksiy Vershyhora.

Morover, the the international inspection was forbidden to exam the places of deployment of artillery systems at the military units in Rostov Region, the Russian Federation.

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  1. Secretly? Are you kidding? Every move of both sides is under the microscope. And with cell phones today anything unusual is being video taped and dumped on the web. There is no secretly.

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