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Russia purchases real estate in Finland for its invasion troops – media

Russian citizens purchase real estate in Finland – the reason could be a probable invasion in future Finnish security service suspect, Ukraine Today reported citing the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti.

Properties owned by foreigners may be used to host the unmarked Russian troops, a report to the country`s parliament says, according to Ukraine Today.

”The measures that can be explained as preparation for the forthcoming influence in a crisis situation are constantly detected. These include the real estate transactions with no business logic background”, the IItaleghti newspaper cites the report.

Also, a new landowner may construct buildings that can be used by an alien power during the invasion.

”For cutting the transport routes or unmarked troops deployment, for instance”, the document claims.

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In particular, Russia annexed Ukrainian Crimea by using its unmarked special forces, known as ”little green men” or `the polite people`. 

The number of foreign agents in Finland is among the highest in the West. Russians with dual citizenship are particularly under suspect.

”All Russians, despite their dual citizenship, are obliged to collaborate with the Russian Federation secret services”, authors note. 

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